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Friday, 12 April 2013

Leicester proposes closure and sale of care homes

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Up to eight elderly care homes could be closed or sold by Leicester City Council over the next three years, the town hall has announced.

The local authority said decreasing usage of the care homes and a lack of interest from independent providers had forced them to consider these ‘tough decisions’, which are expected to affect 161 elderly residents.

Closure of three homes and the sale of a further two could take place this year under the scheme’s first phase.

Depending on the outcome of preliminary action, a further three elderly care homes could be considered for sale to external providers.

A decision on the plan will be made later this year, with further consultations being undertaken with residents and trade unions.

Leicester City Council announced a £750,000 contribution towards an independent care site earlier this year, and is developing proposals for a 60-bed intermediate care facility which is expected to cost around £7m. Plans to sell off care homes were endorsed by the town hall in February last year.

Leicester assistant city mayor responsible for adult social care, Cllr Rita Patel, said: ‘We have accommodation available for 282 people in these homes, but currently only have 161 residents. The limited interest from independent providers in taking on these homes means we've had to look at making tough decisions over their future.

‘We're determined to make any changes as easy as possible for the residents affected. Four of the homes would be sold to remain open as going concerns, meaning residents would be able to stay there, but we will work closely to help both residents and staff during this difficult time.

‘We are committed to working with all residents and their families to ensure the transition is as easy as possible, and to help find new accommodation for residents of the homes proposed for closure.’