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Friday, 06 March 2015

Greens pledge free social care to all over 65

Written by The Press Association

Social care for all over 65s would be free under the Greens, Natalie Bennett has announced.

In a speech to the party's spring conference in Liverpool, the party leader said the policy would become a manifesto pledge because it was vital in a "decent, humane" society.

A vote for the Green Party would be a vote for "hope not fear"', she told activists.

Ms Bennett said: "Your vote can change the face of Britain. It can end the failed austerity experiment, end the spiteful blaming of the poor, the sick, the vulnerable for the mistakes of the wealthy.

"This election can be a turning point in history. The moment where we can deliver a better Britain, a Britain which works for its people. A Britain which cares.

"Vote for what you believe in, vote for the policies of hope not fear, vote for policies that work for the common good not just the few, and Britain could be a very different country on the 8th of May.

"We, the Green Party, can be the agents of change. Real Change. It is time for Green Politics - the politics of the future."

She added: "Free healthcare is the very cornerstone of our NHS. Whether you are rich or poor you have the right to the best that is available. That's something the Green Party will restore - and extend.

"We believe that to be a decent, humane, caring society, social care must be free."

The Green Party's manifesto is scheduled to be released at the end of March.

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