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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Judge criticises lack of support for vulnerable woman who faced 'extreme abuse'

Written by Brian Farmer

A family court judge has raised concern about the lack of support offered to a woman with a low IQ who suffered "extreme abuse".

Judge Stephen Wildblood said the woman, who was in her mid-20s and had an IQ of 66, had not been offered "therapeutic support" although there had been a "lot of wringing of hands".

He said the case was not the first of its kind.

The woman had given birth and Judge Wildblood had been asked to make decisions about her child's future.

He said he had come to the "wretched conclusion" that the youngster should be placed for adoption.

Judge Wildblood, who is based in Bristol, raised concern in a written ruling on the case.

He has not identified anyone involved.

"This is a desperately sad case," said Judge Wildblood.

"This mother faces the loss to adoption of a child that she loves deeply.

"Her grief is very apparent."

The judge added: "It is ... yet another case of a young mother with a background in which she has experienced extreme abuse and deprivation whom, I am told by everyone involved in this case, has not been offered therapeutic support.

"It may well have been discussed with her in the past but has never been followed through to the point of offer of therapy.

"I have seen a lot of wringing of hands as people speak with regret about the sadness of this case.

"I express that sadness and regret myself."

He went on: "If she had been offered therapy at an early stage, is there not at least a possibility that the outcome of these proceedings might have been different?"

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