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Monday, 31 Oct, 2011

Webwatch - bespoken

bespoken is a social media website dedicated to building a community that aims to include disabled people in the design of everyday household products from their own homes, and where they can share ideas and tips on how to overcome everyday challenges that are faced with appliances and technology.
Wednesday, 7 Apr, 2010

Webwatch - DotComUnity

DotComUnity aims to provide a one-stop online resource and directory of community services, care information and social interactivity for adults and children with a learning or physical disability within local communities throughout the UK. A registered, not-for-profit initiative, the website is useful in that it allows users to feedback on…
An article examined the epistemological underpinnings of social work research and disability studies research. It considered the tensions, possibilities, and power dynamics of collaboration between the two research disciplines, and outlined possibilities for social model approaches to social work research.
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