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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New name and extra powers for Welsh workforce regulator

Written by The Editorial Team

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Professor Mark Drakeford, has issued a written statement on plans for the Care Council for Wales to be transformed into a new body, Social Care Wales (SCW).

SCW will have improved powers and is set to begin its work in April 2017. An advisory panel will be established this year to support the transition process.

In the statement issued, Prof Drakeford said: "During introduction of the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Bill into the National Assembly for Wales, I referred to how the Bill will confer new service improvement powers on the Care Council for Wales and provide for a name change to Social Care Wales (SCW).

"Changes of this importance require careful and detailed consideration. To assist in this work I therefore have been pleased to have support from the Strategic Improvement Steering Group (SISG), chaired by Sally Ellis."

The group has now reported back to the Minister having consulted with key stakeholders and Prof Drakeford thanked the group and stakeholders for their input and hard work.

Prof Drakeford added: "I have now received the report from SISG on the future of SCW. It is supportive of our proposals to develop the Care Council’s role, as a powerful, strategic body for improvement in Wales with a focus on innovation and collaboration. It sets out the potential for this body with responsibility for social care workforce regulation and workforce development and crucially service improvement throughout Wales.  

"I have fully considered the SISG report. I am pleased to be able to accept the broad direction of travel set out, and the significant majority of the detailed recommendations."