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Thursday, 09 July 2015

New learning resource DVD aimed at Welsh social care managers

Written by The Editorial Team

A good induction into the workplace is essential for social care workers in Wales. If carried out properly, it can help new workers understand the importance of person centred practice and the values that underpin all work in social care right from the start.

The 'Home from Home' DVD resource has been developed by the Care Council for Wales and is for managers and those involved in supporting learning and delivering training to the social care workforce.

It aims to illustrate what good practice looks like and although it is set within a residential care home for older people, the underlying message would be the same for any person – adult, child or young person, accessing care and support in a residential care setting.

The DVD is made up of a series of scenes that the Care Council commissioned from the professional arts organisation Re Live. They aim to show the impact of investing in the proper induction of new workers and the use of person centred approaches on both social care workers and people who use social care services.

To request a copy of the DVD, email:

You are asked to include the following • Name • Job role • Organisation • Email address • Telephone number • Postal address