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Friday, 08 April 2016

Care Council for Wales add new resources to Information & Learning Hub

Written by The Editorial Team

On the week the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 comes into force, a series of new resources has been added to the Care Council for Wales' Information & Learning Hub.

They include the first materials for the fifth core training module, Assessing and Meeting the Needs of Individuals in the Secure Estate, and the first sets of learning materials developed through the Co-production Grant Fund.

The fifth core module materials include a summary document and PowerPoint presentation that, which provide a summary of the key messages and changes and are suitable for all audiences (also known as Level A materials). The remaining module materials, an e-learning resource that’s based on the Level A resources and detailed training materials for those who are most affected by the change (also known as Level B materials), will follow later this Spring.

The Co-production Grant Fund materials include a practical guide to working with deafblind people, developed by Sense Cymru. A set of resources around the Act for those working with carers, produced by Carers Wales and Carers Trust Wales will be added soon.

The Co-production Grant Fund was created by the Care Council to draw upon the expertise of other organisations in developing training materials for the Act and the remaining materials developed via the Fund will be published on the Hub over the coming months.

They include a series of factsheets on user-led co-operatives, produced by Disability Wales and the Social Co-operation Forum training materials to support those working with carers of people with mental health problems, developed by Hafal; and learning materials around advocacy and the Act, developed by Age Cymru and Tros Gynnal Plant.

A series of videos on the Co-production Grant Fund, featuring interviews with the organisations that developed the resources, is also now available.

Watch the videos here:
Download the new learning materials here: