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Friday, 22 April 2016

Care Council announce dates for their Registered Manager’s forums

Written by The Editorial Team

The Care Council for Wales has announced details of their Registered Manager’s forums will be taking place between May and the end of June this year.

Each forum will include a short general update on what’s new from the Care Council followed by an interactive session that focuses on an aspect of the new social care legislation in Wales. The remainder of the event will be dedicated to practice exchange workshops that have been identified by registered managers to meet local needs.

The forums are now being run across eight geographical areas and a number of registered managers have volunteered to work with the Care Council and the SCIP coordinators to plan and run the events. The volunteer managers have played a key role in identifying topics for practice exchange and local needs. This means that each forum has slightly different running times and will be considering different themes in the practice exchange sessions, you can access an outline programme by clicking on each forum listed below.

To book a place on the forum that best suits your geographical preference you are asked to complete and return the booking form below, after which a confirmation email will be sent to you if you are allocated a place. There is no charge for attendance and places are limited.

Dates and agendas
Booking form 

Complete the booking form to confirm your place

NB: These events are only open to managers registered with the Care Council and you will need your registration number to apply to attend.