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Thursday, 23 June 2016

New digital system aims to match patients to the right residential care

Written by The Editorial Team

Residential care for people in Wales with mental ill-health and learning disabilities is being supported by a new digital system, developed by the NHS Wales Informatics Service.

The Commissioning Care Assurance Performance System (CCAPS) is designed for use by NHS and Local Authority Commissioners and helps them identify the best residential care - taking into account the cost per night, quality of care rating, distance from the preferred location and number of beds available.

It works in a similar way to insurance comparison sites, providing a one-stop view of the different residential options provided by independent hospitals in England and Wales and by some hospitals in NHS England.
The comparison capability has resulted in financial savings, resulting in the system being a finalist at the Health Service Journal Awards for Value in Health Care last year.
Hayley Brewis, a senior nurse at Glanrhyd hospital in Bridgend, explained the benefits of the system. She said: “The system gives you confidence in finding the best placement to match treatment requirements”.
She explained that nursing in a mental health arena has its complexities, which she highlighted through one patient’s story.
“They were in a medium security setting but we knew they could go to a lower security setting but needed specialist services around personality issues.  We were able to find the ideal setting where the patient could get the psychological support and was able to be moved quickly to a more appropriate setting.”
When dealing with vulnerable adults, these lower security measures can be a positive step to help with rehabilitation back to the community.  Hayley explained “In a medium secure setting there are certain specifications, such as the height of security fences.  Whilst there are still security measures in lower security settings they tend to be less obstructive.
“In some cases, where there are victims to consider, we can ensure that patients are placed away from victims.  Equally, for patients with strong family connections we can place them closer to family.  As a nurse it is very reassuring to have patients in the best placement and know its good quality.”
CCAPS was funded by the Welsh Government's efficiency through technology fund.