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Friday, 17 March 2017

CSSIW publish new rights guidance for people using care services in Wales

Written by The Editorial Team

The Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) has published new guidance which outlines what they expect and what is not acceptable for people who use care and support services.

This guidance has been produced as part of the CSSIW response to the Older People’s Commissioner requirements in her review, “A Place to Call Home”.

It outlines what good care should look like and how people’s rights can be promoted.

The guidance has been used to develop CSSIW inspection frameworks and guidance as well as training for their inspectors. It outlines the importance of treating people who use care and support services with respect and giving people voice and an control over the care they receive.

From the Guidance

The concept of a set of basic human rights is relatively simple one however human rights  law  and  practice is complex and changing.

Not all rights are absolute, some are limited and others qualified and should be applied proportionately.

In addition in the areas CSSIW regulates and inspects there has been the development of additional law, charters and conventions, for example in relation to people with diverse backgrounds, children, people with disabilities, people who lack mental capacity and older people. Many of these restate fundamental human rights as set out in the European Convention of Human Rights,  providing additional interpretation or additional areas for consideration.

CSSIW has developed a new inspection framework for regulated services based upon the principles of the Social Services and Well-being Act and the legal definition of “well-being”.

This definition includes the rights and protection of individuals.

In future inspectors will undertake their inspections considering and reporting on four themes;  People’s Wellbeing, Quality of  Care, Quality of Leadership and Management and Quality of the Environment where services are “setting” based.

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