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Thursday, 26 April 2018

New resource to boost care workers’ skills and confidence launched in Wales

Written by The Editorial Team

A new resource to make sure health and social care workers in Wales are confident they have the skills, knowledge and understanding to provide high quality care has been launched yesterday in Cardiff.

The 'All Wales induction framework for health and social care' aims to help workers:

  • Better understand their role – what is required of them and what support can be expected
  • Get to know their working environment and the information they need to do their job well
  • Get to know colleagues and develop good working relationships
  • Understand how they can best support those they will be working with.

The induction framework was launched by the Minister for Children and Social Care, Huw Irranca-Davies, at Cartrefi Cymru’s offices in Cardiff earlier this week. There’s a simultaneous launch event in Bangor.

The Minister said: “A thorough and well-structured induction acts as a foundation for new workers to the health and social care sector – enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to effectively carry out their roles and supporting them to build on this experience with different learning methods and techniques. 

“It also shows new workers that they are valued by their employers who are willing to invest in their development – this creates a strong basis for a committed workforce.

“This is an integral part of the excellent work being undertaken to professionalise our workforce, which lays the groundwork for new workers to have successful and fulfilling careers, and to help them provide the very best care and support services for the people they care for.”

Our chair Arwel Ellis Owen OBE (pictured) said: “A good, well-thought-out induction can have a positive impact on the quality of care and support provided, increasing employee commitment and job satisfaction, and reduce staff turnover.

“With the launch of this framework, people who receive care and support in Wales and their families can feel confident their health and social care workers will have the skills, knowledge and understanding to provide them with care that meets their needs.”

Social Care Wales chief executive Sue Evans said: “We know there are many health and social care workers who already provide excellent care across Wales, but we want to make sure every worker feels confident they have the tools to carry out their role competently. 

“This new framework will help provide them with those tools. It will also support workers’ career progression, and help them identify any training and development needs.”

The new induction framework has been developed in partnership between Social Care Wales, the NHS Wales Workforce Education Service, employers and learning providers in Wales.

Download the 'All Wales induction framework for health and social care'.