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A domiciliary care manager has been removed from the Register of Social Care Workers for failing to comply with the Domiciliary Care Agencies (Wales) Regulations 2004. A Fitness to Practise Panel found that Mark Andrew Rowlands, who operated a small domiciliary care agency, was the sole person responsible for ensuring…
A domiciliary care manager will no longer be allowed to work after a Fitness to Practise Panel in Cardiff found her conviction for fraud breached the standards of her profession. Leanne Phillips, formerly employed by Pride in Care Domiciliary Care Agency, failed to uphold the professional standards of the Code…
The Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) have issued a warning about a man in the Merthyr area who they say is impersonating a member of Welsh Government or CSSIW. The individual involved has been cold-calling at people’s homes to attempt to discuss domiciliary care with members of the…
A group focusing on improving domiciliary care commissioning in North Wales is calling on care providers to give their views on on how the commissioning can be improved. The North Wales Social Services Improvement Collaborative's domiciliary care project group is made up of six North Wales Local Authorities and the…
The Health and Social Care Board is currently undertaking a review of domiciliary care across Northern Ireland and wishes to engage with interested parties to inform this work. Domiciliary care service providers are encouraged to attend an engagement event to share their perspective on the current challenges and the opportunities…
Domiciliary care managers in Wales are likely to be female, experienced professionals working in the private sector and providing services for older people. These are among the main characteristics of domiciliary care managers registered in Wales according to the latest analysis of data by the Care Council. In a first…
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