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Thursday, 03 April 2014

Career Change - The perfect antidote to job discontentment

Written by The Editorial Team

Ever asked yourself what is really important in your career? If you're not content or fulfilled, now might be the perfect time to do just that - take some time for personal-reflection.

Read on and you'll get a sense of how to take a proactive approach to career change, which could lead to a career filled with personal satisfaction and fulfilment.

Consider the following as you reflect:

Discontentment sets in when you do not search for something more. If you realise this and decide that you can do something about it, you can avoid discontent. Discontentment can drive you to look beyond yourself and toward something greater.

Discontentment is certainly found within. Rather than allow it to take over, follow your passions in search of meaningful activities that will satisfy you. Think about taking classes or volunteering in areas that are in line with your career aspirations.

Have the courage to defy fear and embrace change. What if you looked at change as a good thing? Instead of something to fear, what if change presents rare possibilities and even rarer opportunities? If you accept change, it can make for a very interesting and rewarding career.

When you feel discontent creeping up, shake it off by taking on something new. Make a mental list of things you want to do. Think about career moves that can lead to fulfilment and ultimately move you forward. Reflect on your list and turn your ideas into goals. For example: if you are an social carer who wants to make a move, maybe adding a mental health or occupational therapy qualification to your list of credentials will do the trick.

If you consistently take the lead, you will have an active and fulfilling career. Remember:

• It is up to you to propel yourself toward fulfilment.
• It is up to you to figure out what you love most and do it.
• It is up to you to keep yourself moving forward and engaged. Get help if you have to.

A proactive approach leads to a career filled with personal satisfaction and contentment. If you are consistently on the go, whether you are volunteering or attempting something new, you are always moving forward. Your career will benefit from your proactive approach.

Personal-Reflection Questions:

1. What changes can I make when discontentment sets in?
2. Who can call for advice when I need make change?
3. How can I ensure success in my career change?

Today, choose to take complete responsibility for your career by having a proactive approach.

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