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Friday, 13 June 2014

SSSC issue modern Modern Apprenticeships case-studies

Written by The Editorial Team

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has published a series of case studies to showcase apprenticeship opportunities with the social care sector.

Apprenticeships offer people the chance of paid employment in social services while apprentices gain qualifications for the skills they develop and to better meet the needs of people who use social services.

To find out more about the benefits and rewards of an apprenticeships, the SSSC spoke to apprentices and employers to get their views.

Matthew Docherty, 18, is a health and social care apprentice

What encouraged you to undertake an apprenticeship?

I’ve been interested in doing this for many years as I’ve always wanted to help people and take care of people.  My sister was disabled and that gave me the extra push to actually do it.  I cared for my sister when I was younger but not fully because I was only eight.  She was my inspiration. It made me happy when I could stop her crying when she was in pain and it always made me want to stop other people from crying.

What does your apprenticeship involve day to day?

My day to day tasks involve supporting people with activities both in the centre and out.  As well as supporting them to eat, drink and with personal care.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting an apprenticeship?

For anyone starting their apprenticeship in health and social care, I would tell them that although not all parts of the job are glamorous, it is really worthwhile!  Making a change to someone’s life, even if that’s just by helping them to eat, it is really rewarding!  I fell really happy when I see my service users happy and smiling!  Go for it and make a change! You won’t regret it!

Steven Jedrzejewski, 21, is a health and social care apprentice

I completed a social science course at college and then I heard about the modern apprentice scheme and decided this would be a good way to gain practical experience to further my career

What does your apprenticeship involve day to day?

I help to look after anything from one to fifteen people who use our service each day.  This includes meeting individuals support needs and encouraging them to take part in a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, computing or sports games this encourages them to utilise and build on their own skills and maintain as much independence as possible

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting an apprenticeship?

This is a great opportunity to get to know what the job entails and allows you to develop the skills and knowledge required in this line of work while getting support from more experienced members of staff.

Tommy Corr is one of six team leaders at Riddrie Centre

Riddrie Centre is a day care unit run by Glasgow City Council to provide a range of educational opportunities and leisure activities for adults with learning disabilities.

Can you tell me what apprenticeships mean for an employer?

Apprenticeships make a difference, especially in health and caring.

We at Riddrie have been delighted to take part in the apprenticeship scheme as it has provided access to a new stream of workers which has been of great benefit to us in these difficult financial times.  More importantly, the apprentices have proved extremely enthusiastic in approaching the world of work, and learning has been a two-way process between apprentices and existing staff team members.

What are the benefits an apprentice brings to the care provision?

The scheme has allowed us to bring in young people with a different perspective and a fresh enthusiasm for the job.  Our apprentices have proved to be real assets to the service provided here, bringing with them new ideas and a positivity which enabled them to quickly establish and maintain good working relationships with service users and colleagues alike.

If you are interested in reading more articles or finding out more about Modern and Technical Apprenticeships, visit the SSSC website:


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