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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Start your career in Welsh social care with a vocational qualification

Written by The Editorial Team

Vocational qualifications in social care have never been more important to the economy. Vocational qualifications help develop talented employees to meet the needs of businesses across Wales and there has never been a better time to get started with a vocational qualification in social care.

Today is the eighth annual Vocational Qualifications (VQ) Day. Launched in 2008, VQ day recognises the millions of talented and skilled people throughout the UK who are awarded vocational qualifications.

Karen Wakelin, Workforce Development Manager at the Care Council said: “To celebrate VQ Day we’re asking people across Wales to share their experiences of vocational qualifications in social care.

“We’ve already gathered feedback from learners and employers who have completed the recently launched qualification for people thinking about a career in social care or those who are new to their role. The Level 2 Award for Social Care Induction in Wales is accredited and quality assured, which ensures that learners achieve a robust qualification that is based on the values and principles of good social care, right at the start of their career.”

One employer commented: “The formal Social Care Induction courses are of enormous benefit to our services. Not only have the courses helped in ensuring that appropriate staff training is delivered right from the outset of employment, but also embed ethical principles of care in learner informing their future practice.”

Students at Pembrokeshire College commented: "The Social Care Induction Framework was very interesting and gave me the knowledge that I needed to carry out my duties as a carer.”

“It was beneficial to my role and work and I would recommend it to everyone working in care.”

Share your experiences of vocational qualifications in social care tweet us @CareCouncil using the hashtag #vqday

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