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Thursday, 29 October 2015

New Northern Irish initiative opens door to social care career

Written by The Editorial Team

A new initiative to help 75 unemployed or economically inactive people start a career in social care has been launched in Northern Ireland.

The 'Getting Started' training programme, facilitated by Association for Real Change (ARC), provides the opportunity for individuals to gain a sustainable career in social care without the need for previous paid work experience or qualifications.

Participants of the eight-week training programme will take part in observational visits to providers of learning disability services as well as learning about the Northern Ireland Social Care Council's (NISCC) Standards of Conduct.

ARC, an umbrella organisation supporting the learning disability sector, is working with members including Positive Futures, Praxis Care, The Croft Community & Triangle Housing Association to support those furthest removed from employment.

Colum Conway, Chief Executive NISCC said: “The Northern Ireland Social Care Council is delighted to be involved as a partner agency in the Getting Started initiative which aims to recruit people with the right skills and values into this complex and rewarding area of work. This innovative project presents a perfect opportunity to introduce the NISCC Standards of Conduct and Practice for Social Care Workers at the pre-recruitment stage. This will ensure that knowledge of those fundamental principles and requirements is embedded in practice from the outset.”

Following completion of the training programme, participants will be guaranteed an interview with participating organisations. The first cohort of 15 participants is due to start in November.

For further information on the Getting Started Project, visit  or call 028 9038 0960.

Photographed at the launch of the Getting Started programme are (L-R) Sharon McAteer, NISCC; Bronagh Mullan, Triangle Housing Association; Julie Monahan, Positive Futures; Alex Parkinson, Telling it Like It Is; Louise Hughes, ARC; Clive Evans, Croft Community; and Paul Collins, Praxis Care.

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