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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Get your career in Scottish care started with 'Life Changing Work' resource

Written by The Editorial Team

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) have produced a new resource packed with case studies and careers advice on what it's like to work in social care in Scotland.

'Care in Scotland - It's Life Changing Work' highlights some of the fantastic work that is making a real difference to people across all areas of society. Also, with lots of us using social services at some point in our lives, it’s good to know more about the professional roles people have so that when we come across them, we’ll know more about what they do for us.

The different roles

You’ve heard people talk about careers in social work, working in care homes, early years, community work and so on. But what do you really know about the kind of work do social workers do? Or what working in a care home or going into someone’s home every day to support them is really like and why people do it? For most people working in social services, it is not just a job.

Find out more about the different types of roles people have working in social services by catching up with their stories.

Get involved

The SSSC are also looking for organisations and people – social workers, care practitioners, early years practitioners and those that they work with – to take part in this project.

Download and use the handy toolkit to help you gain an understanding of the project. It will tell you about the background of the project and link to the resources available for you to use and share. There is also lots of information on careers in care here including: 

If you are social service provider or work in social services and would like to get involved, you are encouraged get in touch with the SSSC at:

Career Profile

register care home manager picCare Home Manager

Care home managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of residential care homes. They oversee all activities within the home and make sure the quality of the service and care provided meets the National Minimum Standards...


Career Profile

music therapistMusic Therapist

Music Therapists use music and sound to help improve people's emotional wellbeing, relieve stress and improve confidence. As a music therapist, you would not teach music. Instead you would encourage clients to try...


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