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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Fife careers fair to showcase social care and support work opportunities

Written by The Editorial Team

If you live in the Fife area we have news of an event which will showcase career opportunities across social care and support organisations in the region.

Taking place at Dunfermline City Chambers on 15 September 2016, this free event aims to encourage more people to consider working in the social service sector.

The event ‘Do you have what it takes to change lives?’ aims to tackle negative stereotypes of the sector and promote the benefits of a career in social care. It has been organised by ARC Scotland in partnership with 10 care and support providers in the area who are keen to see more people enter the profession.

Many social care organisations in Fife have difficulty recruiting staff, which can mean relying on agency staff and a lack of continuity of care for people whose relationship with their support worker is often critical to their quality of life.

The organisations involved provide support for people with learning disabilities, autism, physical and sensory disabilities and mental health difficulties.

James Fletcher, Director of ARC Scotland said: "We are excited to be working with so many social care organisations in Fife to put on this event and address the challenges they have recruiting staff. This is one of the biggest challenges facing care and support organisations across the board and we want to turn this around.

"As a sector, we have a long way to go to promote the many positive aspects of working in social care and the satisfying career it can provide. Although the work can often be very challenging it can also be extremely rewarding and that’s what we want to demonstrate."

"I would encourage people of all ages who think they might have an interest in a career in this field to come along and have a chat with these organisations, as well as they people they support. I believe that gaining first-hand knowledge is often the best work experience."

Entry to the event is free and everyone is welcome.

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