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Friday, 13 June 2014

Assessed and Supported Year in Employment funding confirmed

Written by The Editorial Team

The Department of Health (DH) are continuing to provide funding support for the ASYE (Assessed and Supported Year in Employment) for the 2014/15 financial year for employers of social workers in adult services.

The overall budget for supporting employers has been maintained but the funding model for 2014/15 has changed from the demand led model used in previous years. The key changes are:

  • The ASYE Grant funding will be disbursed using a formula to allocate funds as fairly as possible taking into account the size of the employer organisation and the number of NQSWs supported

DH requirements are that:

  •  no employer should receive less than £1,000 per NQSW
  •  no employer should receive more than £2,000 per NQSW
  •  small voluntary sector organisations need additional support to ensure the support of NQSWs - the maximum threshold here will therefore be £3,000 per NQSW

The new process includes a Pre-registration Application which must be completed by Friday 25th July 2014 in order to receive ASYE funding.

There will not be an Employer Transition Fund (ETF) – employers should use the ASYE Grant flexibly in developing and delivering their ASYE programme.

Skills for Care CEO Sharon Allen said: “ASYE has proved to be very successful in giving NQSWs and managers space to reflect on and develop their practice in that critical first year out of University. We also know that managers and supervisors own development has benefitted as a result of supporting ASYE, so we are very pleased that DH is continuing to support the programme.”

The ASYE Grant funding for adults services will be disbursed by Skills for Care - further details can be found at: (click on registration and funding section), and will be communicated directly to employers.