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Monday, 08 September 2014

New training programmes from the National Skills Academy for Health

Written by The Editorial Team

The National Skills Academy for Health has launched a new programme of workshops and accredited courses to help healthcare employers across the UK improve the capability, efficiency and capacity of their workforce.

Led by health and social care management and leadership experts, theses sector-leading training programmes and workshops provide participants with practical tools to enable them to make positive, lasting changes in their day-to-day work.

From learning how to resolve conflicts to mentoring people, these training programmes all share the same ambition: to tackle today’s biggest healthcare workforce issues, whilst enhancing the quality, support and consistency of patient care nationwide.

The one-day workshops include:

  •     Developing a value-based culture in healthcare
  •     Patients as leaders
  •     Getting the best from your people
  •     Enhancing dementia awareness in your organisation
  •     Conflict resolution
  •     Coaching skills to improve patient outcomes
  •     Mentoring people in a healthcare setting
  •     Challenging the silo mentality
  •     Working with others to develop and deliver integrated care strategies

The Skills for Health Leadership & Management Programmes are also offered via the National Skills Academy for Health and are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM):

  •     Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading (2-days)
  •     Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management (3-days)
  •     Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management (4-days)
  •     Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring (4-days)

Download the Training Programme for detailed information about these one-day workshops and accredited programmes

Bespoke training and support

If the programmes listed above don’t quite meet your needs, NSA Health can also develop bespoke training designed around your organisation’s specific requirements.

They can support you in a number of ways:

  • Learning needs analysis - they can identify learning needs in a range of organisational areas, prioritising key activities to improve performance and patient outcomes.
  • Solution design - Working backwards from identified outcomes, they can develop practical learning activities that will help participants in your organisation achieve these outcomes
  • Delivery and evaluation - They have a team of skilled and experienced facilitators who will work with you to see that your organisation’s training day meets the specific needs of your audience. They can also evaluate programmes and workshops, helping you to measure their effectiveness and plan future activity
  • Services to suit you - They can carry out all of these services on your behalf – or work with you to arrange as much or as little as you need

To find out more email or call 0207 391 7173.

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