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Monday, 09 March 2015

SSSC adopt Mozilla Open Badges to recognise learning

Written by The Editorial Team

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) are adopting Mozilla Open Badges as part of their increasing suite of digital learning tools for the social care workforce.

Open Badges are digital certificates which recognise learning and achievement and are easily displayed online.

The first badges will be awarded to participants and contributors who were at the Carers Strategy Learning and Sharing Event on 17 February 2015; an event jointly organised between the SSSC, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and funded by Scottish Government.

They'll also be awarding badges to participants who attended the Small Changes, Big Difference; Smarter Learning for Self-Directed Support (SDS) event on 26 February 2015.  

This event, organised by the SSSC and the SDS Workforce Project Board, was for people to develop and share experiences and approaches to learning that can to help make the vision of SDS a reality.

Open Badges give you a comprehensive way of keeping track of your skills, knowledge and achievements and displaying them when you need to. Your badges can be managed in a virtual “backpack”, just like an online portfolio. This is a single place on the internet where you can keep any badges awarded to you.  

From the backpack, it’s up to you to decide whether to accept badges you’ve been awarded and whether or not you want them to be publicly visible.

Find out more about Open Badges and the badges being issued by the SSSC at: