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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

5 Free Online Courses to Immediately Boost your Carer Credentials

Written by The Editorial Team

This is a sponsored article and is brought to you by online learning provider, ALISON.

It is amazing nowadays what you can learn online, and for free all you need is a good internet connection combined with a little motivation and commitment.

ALISON the global leader in free online certified learning for the workplace has over 6 million registered learners and 750,000 graduates of its courses worldwide, one million based in the UK alone. The platform offers 750+ free online courses covering a wide variety of topics including business, languages, healthcare, computer skills, information technology and even caregiving.

ALISON has just launched a series of free online courses specifically geared towards building skills and knowledge in the caring community.

  • Introduction to Caregiving
    This free online course will help you understand the skills needed to work in the care-giving profession and develop the fundamental skills used by carers during their day-to-day duties. The course covers the fundamental roles and responsibilities of a carer, the basic legal and ethical issues involved in providing care and the importance of confidentiality in the care-giving process. It will develop your communications skills for liaising with colleagues and clients, and teach you the job management skills that carers require. 

  • Health and Safety for Caregiving
    The role of a carer is very demanding, both physically and mentally and requires proper training to ensure both the safety and well-being of the caregiver and the patient. ALISON's new course focuses specifically on the health and safety requirements of the care-giving industry. The course will teach you how to deal with a range of medical and physical emergencies, allowing you to provide care to your clients with greater peace of mind.

  • Caregiving Skills – Dementia Care
    This free online course will provide learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective care to clients or family members who have been diagnosed with dementia. Learners will discover the definition of dementia,the different types of dementia and dementia stages. In particular the courses will look at the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s,– symptoms, causes, and how they affect the lives of those who must live with them.

  • Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled
    This caregiving course from ALISON will give you the caregiving skills you need to provide effective care to any elderly or disabled clients in a homecare situation. It examines the aging process, how various organs and systems deteriorate, and the various medical conditions that can result from such deterioration, while also exploring spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, which are the most common injuries that cause individuals to require fulltime care.

  • Diploma in Caregiving
    This comprehensive course will provide potential home health carers with all the skills they need to provide professional care to clients or family members. This diploma covers a broad range of topics that will help you become a successful carer who holds your clients best interests at heart. You will learn the fundamentals ofcaregiving, how to identify and treat infections, emergency management, dementia care, elderly care and how to care for those living with a disability.

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Just logon on to ALISON today and start building your carer qualifications.