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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Early Years degree recognised as a leader in field of early years education and practice

Written by The Editorial Team

A University of South Wales (USW) course has been recognised as a leader in the field of early years education and practice.

The Care Council for Wales (CCW) has recommended that USW’s BA Early Years Education and Practice (with Early Years Practitioner status) degree programme should be placed on the Required Qualification List.

Students completing the degree will now automatically have both the practical skills and academic knowledge to work in early years settings.

According to the CCW response to USW’s application for accreditation: “This submission was considered an exemplar. It was comprehensive and provided alternative pathways and progression for students.

“The mapping and assessment strategies were clear and meet the requirements and were clearly visible through the practice-based assessment columns in the matrix.

“There was evidence of strong partnerships with employers. It had a well-articulated and clear assessment strategy.”

Alison Murphy, USW’s Academic Manager for Early Years, said: “The recognition from CCW is very welcome, and we are delighted that quality of our application has been highlighted.

“Our key aim, as is that across all courses at USW, is to give our students the skills and knowledge to secure a job in their chosen field when they complete their studies with us.

“This accreditation allows us to show potential students that they will get the highest quality vocational and academic training available.”