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Thursday, 16 November 2017

New learning and development framework for occupational therapists in Wales

Written by The Editorial Team

A new learning and development framework for occupational therapists working in Welsh social care has been announced today.

'Occupational Therapists in Social Care – A Learning and Development Framework' is being launched at an event this morning at the GreenMeadow Golf & Country Club in Cwmbran and is the first to be aimed specifically at occupational therapists working in social care in Wales.

It was developed jointly by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, the Welsh Government and Social Care Wales.

The framework provides guidance for occupational therapists to help them develop their careers, as well as their professional, clinical and managerial skills.

It provides an overview of the attributes occupational therapists should have at each stage of their career, along with the qualifications they should undertake to support their development.

To help support more integration with health, it also aligns with their career development frameworks.

Sue Evans, Chief Executive of Social Care Wales, said: “We are pleased to be launching this learning and development framework for occupational therapists in social care today.

“Occupational therapists have a vital role to play in providing effective care and support in Wales and we hope this framework will provide a useful structure for them as they look to develop their knowledge, skills and careers.”

Ruth Crowder (pictured), Policy Officer, Wales at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, said: “We are pleased to be a partner in this excellent new career framework. This is a vital step in supporting occupational therapists who work in social care to access the support and opportunities to develop.

“The framework will support occupational therapists to identify the skills they already have, areas to continue their professional development and can be used to map current level of experience, helping them to forge a lifelong career in social care. The focus on quality, improvement and learning will deliver huge benefits for people using social care occupational therapy services across Wales.”

Huw Irranca-Davies, Minister for Children and Social Care said: “People of all ages who experience illness, are disabled, or have care and support needs, value the particular contribution that occupational therapists make to their recovery, maintaining their independence and quality of life.

“Occupational therapists have a vital role to play in the transformation of social care. The knowledge and expertise of our occupational therapists is essential for the modernisation of these services, and provides a valuable resource both for people and social care colleagues.  

“The workforce is at the heart of our sector and I want it to be made up of skilled social care workers who are supported in their learning and development. This framework will facilitate the professional, clinical and management development of occupational therapists in social care.”