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Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Webwatch - New Self-directed Support Scotland site

Written by The Editorial Team

The Scottish Government has launched a new version of the Self-directed Support (SDS) website.

Self-directed Support allows people, their carers and their families to make informed choices on what their support looks like and how it is delivered, making it possible to meet agreed personal outcomes.

SDS can be used in many ways. You can get support to live in your own home, such as help with having a bath or getting washed and dressed.

Out of the home it could support you to go to college, to continue in employment or take a job, or to enjoy leisure pursuits more. Instead of relying on the activities run at a day centre, you might arrange for a personal assistant to help you attend local classes, go swimming, or be a volunteer helping others. It could also be used to provide a short break (respite) or for equipment and temporary adaptations.

You can choose whether you would prefer to get support from a service provider such as a voluntary organisation or care agency, or by employing personal assistant’s, or a combination of both.

The website is a one-stop-shop for information about SDS for people who use social care services and health and social care professionals. 

The new site has has five main sections:

  • What is self-directed support?
    This area explains that SDS allows people to choose how their support is provided to them by giving them as much ongoing control as they want over the individual budget spent on their support.

  • Service users
    If you think you need support in your daily life then you may want to contact your council to talk about this with a professional, like a social worker. This section provides information on the steps required to do this and the support and information available to you.

  • Carers
    The Self-directed Support Bill aims to provide local authorities with a power to support carers in their caring role.  Here you can find  further information for carers and the support available through SDS.

  • Practitioners
    This section aims to provide guidance and support for practitioners tasked with changing the way they work to help make SDS a reality.

  • What’s new
    A round up of all the latest news, events and updates about SDS.

Visit the website here: