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Wednesday, 06 July 2016

Webwatch: Guidebook – Create a mobile app for your events and conferences

Written by Iriss

Organising and hosting events and conferences can involve a lot of administration. Conference programmes, and speaker and venue information need to be printed out and collated into delegate packs, which can be resource intensive and expensive. Given the popularity of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, there’s no reason not to provide all your event information in an app that can be easily installed on a phone or tablet. Guidebook provides just that - a simple way to build your own app to host event, and associated, information.

No technical skills are required to build an app on Guidebook. It’s a four-step process - choose from a gallery of mobile app templates, select appropriate features, fill the template with content and then publish to Google Play and the Apple App Store. A drag-and-drop interface allows for selection of the right types of features for the app and they can be arranged to suit. Content can then be easily imported e.g. programme and venue information. Guidebook also makes it easy to update the app information at any time and to schedule push notifications from a smartphone.

Guidebook aims to make the app experience easy for the event organiser and mobile user and its design and development team are committed to testing and updating the app platform for usability and security. There is a standard free account (up to 200 downloads) and other pay-for options, which include added features such as private messaging; user feedback and surveys; the ability to embed websites; PDF and presentation material options; and phone, email and web support from Guidebook.

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