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Tuesday, 06 June 2017

Webwatch: What is the value of a social services podcast?

Written by The Editorial Team

BBC radio, iPlayer and topic-specific podcasts such as Woman’s Hour allow people access to a variety of interesting audio content, which can be listened to at a time and place that suits them. The increasing use of mobile devices also means that people can easily access and download audio content when on the move - travelling to and from meetings, driving the car, or when enjoying leisure pursuits such as walks and runs., produced by the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (Iriss), a Scottish social service podcast has been broadcasting for over five years with over 180 episodes to date. provides audio recordings of presentations, interviews, roundtable discussions and events that are related to social services in Scotland.

Popular topics include attachment, disabilities and child protection, but there is a range of content covering many other topics. Iriss often produce an episode to complement the publication of an Iriss Insight (evidence summary) or to celebrate awareness weeks such as Learning Disability Week or Residential Child Care Week. Example episodes include: Parents with learning disabilities and Why attachment matters.

Other than hits and downloads, Iriss tell us they don't know a lot about how valuable (or other audio content) is to those in the social services sector. They are now looking for your feedback to understand whether staff are:

  • Interested in listening to audio content
  • Interested in listening to content
  • Finding value in listening to, and using

Whatever kind of service you’re working in and at whatever level, they want to hear your views. Iriss have published a 5-10 minute survey which will inform how the podcast is valued and how they can improve it. Even if you haven't heard of they still want to get your views.

On completion, you can be entered into a draw to win a £50 iTunes voucher. The survey will be open until 30 June.

Complete the survey.