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Joanne Westwood, one of the speakers at a recent Research in Practice ‘Social Media in Social Work’ conference, writes about social media and ideas for integrating it into social work practice. Last week I spent 24 hours at an annual event for link officers with Research in Practice. The event…
Face-to-face meetings can be hard on resources. Often there’s just not the time or the money to bring people together. This is especially true for those working in rural areas or those who need to communicate with others in regional offices. Therefore, people need to be more creative about how…
The term ‘Enterprise Social Network’ is getting bandied about quite a lot of late. It sounds a bit techie, but it’s really not. Enterprise Social Network (ESN) is a term that emcompasses social networking tools and software, some of which are used internally in organisations such as Sharepoint. However, ESNs…
Friday, 1 Feb, 2013

Webwatch - Young Digital

Digital and social media offer new and creative ways to conduct, as well as share, research. Capitalising on this is a team of researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow that has developed an enterprising initiative – a website resource for anyone with an interest in using digital media…
Monday, 5 Dec, 2011

Webwatch - IRISS Comment

There are now various and easy ways to publish material on the web. Blogs and communities of practice are examples of the ways people are using the web to publish their own views and opinions and receive comments from others.
Monday, 31 Oct, 2011

Webwatch - bespoken

bespoken is a social media website dedicated to building a community that aims to include disabled people in the design of everyday household products from their own homes, and where they can share ideas and tips on how to overcome everyday challenges that are faced with appliances and technology.
Glasgow is one of the cities hosting Social Media Week (#socialmediaweek), which will take place from 19-23 September 2011. The week will focus on exploring how local and regional societies, cultures and economies are becoming more integrated and empowered through a global network of communication.
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