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Wednesday, 4 Aug, 2010

Webwatch - Workforce Solutions

There is currently a big push in social services and in care and support services, on workforce development and lifelong learning, and on better ways for employers and employees to record and progress learning. In response to this, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has produced the Workforce Solutions website,…
Saturday, 26 Jun, 2010

Webwatch - Social bookmarking

Searching Google, or any other search engine for that matter, is a bit like pushing an ‘erupt’ button on a volcano: you enter a search term, and await the information giant to spew out its results, some of which will be very useful and others not so much. However, when…
Scotland's top carers and social service projects have been recognised at Care Accolades 2010, the prestigious award ceremony celebrating the very best of the care sector across the country. Nearly 200 people gathered for the ceremony in Aviemore, hosted by Radio Scotland's Kaye Adams and organised by the Scottish Social…
In 2009, the Workforce Unit assisted 8 small and medium sized organisations (SMEs) to undertake an "audit" against the organisational capabilities identified in the Continuous Learning Framework.