Social Media

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Consultation: HCPC launches online workshop to inform new social media guidance

Written by The Editorial Team

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has launched an online workshop inviting registrants and stakeholders to share their views on what should be included in their draft social media guidance.

Participants will be able to respond to questions until 24 May about the use of social media and networking websites and also have the opportunity to input their ideas and opinions as to what should be included within the guidance.  

The feedback from the online workshop will help the HCPC to produce a draft document that presents clear guidelines and advice for registrants using social media and networking websites which will then go out to public consultation. 

The development of guidance on use of social media and networking websites follows an increasing number of HCPC registrants using these platforms for communication. Whilst recognised as an effective tool in a professional setting where users can engage in dialogue with other professionals to aid learning and development, it can also present a number of challenges. For example, some registrants are seeking clarification about how the use of social media and networking websites interacts with our Standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

Michael Guthrie, Director of Policy and Standards, commented: “A large number of our registrants are now using social media and networking websites in both their personal and professional lives. Registrants have told us these platforms can bring great benefits but also some challenges. As a result of these conversations we intend to produce social media guidance to give advice to our registrants who want to operate more confidently in this area whilst meeting the standards we set.

“The online workshop is a unique opportunity to take part in shaping the development of our social media guidance as we believe our registrants and stakeholders know best as to what should be included.”

To participate in the online workshop, visit