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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Survey: Dementia Learning and Development Framework for Wales

Written by The Editorial Team

The Care Council for Wales will soon be publicising its framework with all those involved with Dementia within health and social care services in Wales, called 'Good Work: A Dementia Learning and Development Framework for Wales'.

The framework is intended to support what matters most to the people of Wales, as well as the spirit and requirements of Welsh policy, legislation and guidance regarding the care, support and empowerment of people with dementia, carers, and the health and social care workforce.

The Care Council is now asking for people, teams and organisations who will use this resource on a regular basis to help inform practice to tell them about the best format in which to present the framework.

Below is a link to a quick survey that presents a few options and a brief explanation of what each one will do and a few past examples of work that the Care Council or other organisations have produced.

The survey closes on July 1 and you can take part in the survey here: Dementia Framework Survey