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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Resources: House of Care launch learning report and short films

Written by The Editorial Team

The House of Care (HoC) Programme in Scotland has published a learning report that captures stories from people living with long term conditions and staff from across Scotland who have been involved in collaborative care and support planning conversations, and in wider person centred approaches.

This learning report shares stories of human connection about how the elements of good, person centred care are emerging and embedding across Scotland’s House of Care Adopter network. Not only does it map out some of the ways that the House of Care approach is supporting a person centred direction of travel, it also invites us to ask us what else might we do, and stop doing, to not only make asking ‘what matters to you’ the norm across health and social care, but to ensure that something is done about the answer! 

The learning shows that:

  • people living with long term conditions are feeling the benefit of the collaborative care and support planning approach and feel more in control of their condition
  • staff feel reconnected to the reasons why they came into primary care; and that has helped them rediscover a sense of purpose in their role
  • we are understanding more about the importance of wider components to support a transformational change in health and social care including more than medicine community assets.

People living with long term conditions and primary care staff in Lanarkshire using a HoC, Care and Support Planning approach, recently agreed to tell their stories and short film extracts of these are now available.

The films really bring voices to life, demonstrate how HoC is working to support system change, and point to the future potential it has.