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Friday, 13 January 2017

Report: Publication of Northern Ireland Care Leavers 2015/16

Written by The Editorial Team

The Department of Health published a statistical bulletin summarising information on care leavers in the north of Ireland who left care during the year ending 31 March 2016.

Care Leavers Aged 16–18

  • some two thirds (67%) of care leavers aged 16-18 had GCSEs or other qualifications. The proportion of care leavers obtaining 5 GCSEs (A*-C) or higher was 21% which remains substantially lower than for school leavers as a whole (81%)
  • care leavers continue to have a higher proportion of young people coping with disability (15%) than the general population (6%). In terms of education, higher proportions of care leavers had a Statement of Educational Need (20%) compared with the general school population (5%)
  • of care leavers for whom information was available, three in five (63%) were in education or training, 10% were working and 27% were unemployed or economically inactive

Care Leavers Aged 19

  • some 92% of care leavers aged 19 were in contact with Health and Social Care Trusts; with 68% in contact at least once a month
  • of the care leavers for whom information was available, 61% were in education, training or employment, a small decrease from 2014/15 (66%). This was still slightly higher than 19 year old care leavers in England (59%) and in Wales (57%)
  • in terms of becoming a parent, 19% of all care leavers aged 19 were parents, with 25% of female care leavers aged 19 becoming mothers on or before their 19th birthday

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