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Monday, 23 January 2017

Guidance: The Social Work Bursary - Undergraduate students 2016/17 - England

Written by The Editorial Team

This booklet is mainly intended for students who:

  • are studying on an approved part-time or full-time undergraduate social work course;
  • commenced Year 1 of their course on or after 1 September 2015
  • are entering Year 2 of the course in 2016/17

It has been produced for guidance only and cannot cover all individual circumstances.

The Social Work Bursary is administered by the NHSBSA (through Student Services) on behalf of the DH, who fund the bursary and set its policy.

The bursary for postgraduate social work students is made up of non- means tested and means tested elements and is administered under the Care Standards Act, which authorises the NHSBSA
to distribute public funds within the context of the bursary.

The arrangements for bursary funding adopt certain elements of the Education (Student Support) Regulations that are in force at the time of your application, but are not legally bound by these.

Funding for UK social work students Social care is a policy area devolved to each country. As a result, the NHSBSA does not have policy responsibility for the funding of students from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

The table below explains where you should apply for funding, depending on where your (UK) country of residence is, where your university/college is located and the type of course you will be undertaking. Further contact details for each of the organisations listed below can be found in the Contacts section at the back of this guide.

More information about Social Work Bursary funding arrangements can be found here.