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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Report: Fragile Foundations - Exploring the Mental Health of the Social Care Workforce

Written by The Editorial Team

Scottish Care has launched a new report on Mental Health at their annual Care Home Conference & Exhibition in Glasgow.

The report, entitled ‘Fragile Foundations: Exploring the Mental Health of the Social Care Workforce and the People They Support’, was launched by Dr Donald Macaskill, Scottish Care CEO, in front of 450 delegates from across the health and social care sector.

The report is based on research with nearly 50 front line care staff from care home, care at home and housing support services. The research sought to:

  • Gain an understanding of the level and range of mental health support being delivered throughout the independent care sector, and any challenges associated with this delivery
  • Identify the current skills, plus the training needs, of the front line care workforce in the independent sector
  • Explore the mental health impact on front line staff of delivering care
  • Identify any recommendations which would better support the promotion of positive mental health within an integrated workforce environment, both for older people and the care workforce
  • Identify innovative and best practice around mental health support within the independent sector

To download the report, visit: