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Wednesday, 07 February 2018

Consultation: Social Care Wales response to Transforming Care in the 21st Century

Written by The Editorial Team

Social Care Wales have published their response to the consultation on Transforming Care in the 21st Century, which ran for 12 weeks between 24 July and 16 October 2017. 

The report provides a summary of responses and details how they have modified their proposals in light of the feedback received about proposed changes to:

  • Registration fees
  • Qualification requirements
  • Employers’ code of practice
  • Fitness to practise rules.

After considering the feedback and discussing it with the Welsh Government, Social Care Wales have decided to:

  • Increase registration fees in line with proposals, but with a lower fee for social care workers 
  • Change the qualification requirements as set out in the consultation, but offer additional options for domiciliary care workers with three or more years’ experience
  • Make minor changes to the employers’ code to reflect some of the helpful suggestions received from respondents 
  • Amend our Fitness to Practise Investigation Rules 2017 in line with proposals.

These changes will take effect from April 2018. 

Gerry Evans (pictured), Director of Regulation and Intelligence at Social Care Wales, said: “We welcome the positive response to the consultation, in particular the many useful ideas suggested for moving this area forward. We look forward to working closely with the sector in seeking to ensure we can sustain an effective and confident social care workforce to meet the challenges of the future.”

You can read the full response at: Transforming care in the 21st century